Piecing Together Your Memories - We offer much more than simply video cut to music. Our business is all about family and memories.

Filmed either by ourselves or edited using your own footage and photographs, our Video Editing service creatively combines a range of media into one beautiful film.

Your memories now set to music of your choice, but keeping precious ambient sounds of laughter and conversation where appropriate too. We love filming documentary style films of families “IN CONVERSATION”. Interviews with parents, children, and even grandchildren posing questions to their relatives, incorporating photographs or documentation of the subjects under discussion. This often includes the older generation, who have so many fascinating memories to share of a life very different to the one we experience today.

Videography is a specialised craft. A successful film includes a variety of shots from many angles, together with professional editing. Whether a Christening, a birthday party, Silver Wedding, retirement party, or just an excuse for a gathering of friends and family, we will be happy to discuss filming your special event. This may even include your much loved pet, or even your garden throughout the year.

But what do they sound like?

applique films editing your videos.jpg

This is a great family group photo, but their FAMILY FILM captured their singing, voices and laughter. And for a similar cost to a professional photo studio!


Anne Massey: runner-up in a nature film competition on UK TV Eden Channel

In a competition run by UK TV Eden Channel in 2015, Anne came runner-up in a nature film competition. From hundreds of entries including wildlife from around the world, Anne filmed her one minute film in her own back garden.

BBC Spring Watch presenter and Eden Channel judge Michaela Strachan was full of praise for Anne's film, impressed by the variety of techniques used within the film THEM AND US.
"This is a great one-minute package wrapped up by a truly wonderful Poem"

Editing Your Material

Whether it’s the latest HD footage, old cinefilm, video, or photographs, all media can be edited and combined into one beautiful film

Event Filming

Appliqué Films will record your chosen event whether a Christening, party, family day, or Experience day, in fact any event you would like to keep as a wonderful memory on film


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